Client Testimonials of work managed by Darras Homes


Testimonial Latest:

"Peter Edwards ( Darras Homes) is a Super Star !

What he doesn’t know about new / old / Historic Buildings / Renovation isn’t worth knowing and his little “black book” of useful contacts has done us proud.

We set out to buy an 1880's House expecting to move straight in and tweak a few things. However, Peter’s experienced eye during our purchase picked up a whole host of problems that our initial Surveyor had completely missed and thus (Peter) enabled us to purchase at the ‘Right’ price before beginning a 6 month Renovation Plan….

I cannot emphasise adequately that he simply saved us a small fortune before we purchased our new-home and continued to do so throughout the Building Works !

He Project Managed the whole thing from “Start to Finish”, handling the various issues that cropped up along the way and dealing with all the Building and Specialist Contractors. As a result, we are now living in a unique / fabulous family home.

There is no way we could have achieved this with our sanity intact without Peter.

He’s a very talented man, a true gent and with a fabulous sense of humour.

We simply cannot recommend him highly enough."

Marion & Brian . P
Newcastle upon Tyne


Testimonial 32:

"Having worked with DARRAS HOMES (Peter) before it was an easy decision to work with him again. As before he helped us from developing plans all the way through to completion and beyond. His enthusiasm, experience and professionalism, not to mention patience, shone through. Site visits were frequent, often several times a day, and he spent endless hours guiding and advising us on a variety of issues which helped ensure we got the finish we wanted at a price we could afford. If we needed him he was only ever a call away and always responded promptly. Everything was fully documented. This was reassuring for us and kept relations with the builders positive throughout.

The work was completed to a very high standard and very close to budget despite us opting for several extra pieces of work.

Peter undoubtably saved us more than his fee !

We are thrilled with the results and recommend Peter without hesitation."

Gavin and Paula.
Darras Hall


Testimonial 31:

"This is now the 4th Building Project we have undertaken on our home and whilst many people would think one project is quite sufficient - with all the stress and chaos such Projects entail- we have done so with confidence knowing that Darras Homes / Peter was in charge.

In an earlier testimonial – following our first project – I wrote of Peter’s vast experience and knowledge. It was certainly needed in our most recent project - to make adaptations to the house and grounds to facilitate my husband’s deteriorating mobility. Peter was extremely considerate and sensitive to Ken’s needs, and was able to make many positive suggestions and subsequent modifications which have, without doubt, improved Ken’s quality of life. His relationship with the various tradesmen working on the site was excellent.

He painstakingly inspected, checked and double checked to make sure all works were carried out in accordance with his specifications.

He comes highly recommended and, yet again, I would endorse the comments made in other testimonials."

Hélène & Ken Dolder


Testimonial 30:

"We wanted to thank you (Darras Homes) for all the hard work you put in to get us to the point where our extended home is nearing fruition. Having no previous experience with building anything, we were faced with a daunting task of tendering for a substantial amount of work. Thanks to you and your timely advice, this process went off smoothly. The level of detail required during the Tendering Process and the subsequent Contract of Agreement was quite staggering and something we would not have anticipated.

Certainly, now that all the ’t’s are crossed and ‘i’s dotted, we are confident of completing our Project within the agreed budget and indeed on time !"

Dr. J & Dr. S
Darras Hall


Testimonial 29:

Our New Bespoke New-Build Home on Darras Hall

"If you're looking for somebody to take the stress out of building a home, then Peter Edwards from Darras Homes is your man.

His expertise and experience have been invaluable to us, ensuring that we had a good quality build and a home that met all our requirements. His detailed records and a firm, but fair, approach to the Builder contributed greatly to delivering the Project on time and within our budget.

There were numerous occasions when he provided suggestions and advice about how to do things or solve problems and we have saved the equivalent of his fee many times over.

His number one priority has always been to give us the long term home we hoped for and, in order to achieve this, he gave freely of his time… We hate to think how much this would have been if he charged by the hour !

At all times we knew that Peter was looking after our interests and we certainly fell on our feet the day we rang him to enquire about his availability !"

Dot and Tony Barron


Testimonial 28:

"When you plan to carry out any building works to your home you need – good reliable tradesmen who can work to your budget. Great if you have had many years in the building trades and know such people, if not – employ Building Surveyor Peter Edwards of Darras Homes.

Peter brings a lifetime of experience at an extremely modest cost, treating the project as if it were his own home. His attention to detail, and liaison with contractors far exceeded our expectations making our build a painless experience.

He comes highly recommended and I would endorse the comments made in other testimonials."

Prof Ken & Helene Dolder


Testimonial 27:

"One of the most difficult, annoying, frustrating, expensive and down right inconvenient things to do is to embark on a major rebuild. To do it without a professional Project Manager is simply insane.

Peter Edward’s professionalism is without question. From his first “I’m not going to help you build a house, I’m going to help you build a home” to his obvious delight in the end result, Peter took over the stress and worry for us.

His extraordinary knowledge and experience avoided many potential construction problems, and the problems that did occur were solved quickly and efficiently. Peter was meticulous in seeking out our opinions, keeping us central to the decision making and informed about progress, yet took away the anxiety of management. Peter worked with us, not for us. His helpful input to design and practicality means that we have a home that suits our lifestyle, and is stamped with our personality.

Peter’s unfailing good humour and well-justified confidence kept us buoyant during the inevitable dark moments. He responded to all our queries, however naïve, with respect and consideration.

Without Peter, our build would have been much more expensive, taken much longer and we would have been disappointed with the result. With him, we have what we set out for, and more

And we have a new friend."

Dr W A & G Barker


Testimonial 26:

Darras Homes

"We engaged Darras Homes to negotiate a contract on our behalf for the building of an extention to our home at 48 Edge Hill and for the subsequent supervision of the project. The project was completed on time, within the budget and to our entire satisfaction. In particular, we´d like to place on record our thanks to Peter Edwards for his help and advice throughout the whole process from initial discussions until completion of the project. A job well done."

Hunter and Alexis Ramage


Testimonial 25:

Darras Homes

"It is a great pleasure to write that we were helped by Peter Edwards of Darras Homes in purchasing our new house and making it into our new dream home. Being a total novice in this field we were helped from scratch by Peter who was impressive right from day one of our meeting. He is a thorough professional who knows exactly what is needed and what best can be done (and most importantly) in the minimal budget.

If it was not for him we would not have embarked upon the extensive (by our standards) Project and we are eternally grateful. He always treated our Project as his own, giving detailed attention which one would expect to give to his own work. As one could anticipate on an older property there are some minor hiccups however with his vast experience and thorough understanding, he always came up with an amenable cost effective solution ensuring the building contractor fully complied with his and the local authorities requirements.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank him from the bottom of our heart especially as he treated us like family and our work, as his. His enthusiasm and dedication for his work is amazing and I would have no doubt in recommending him to anyone."

Dr. Ashwani & Dr. Ruchy Gupta
Darras Hall


Testimonial 24:


"This is a story of a remarkable old house (about 350 years) an equally remarkable project manager - WHO IS NOT THAT OLD(!) and the owners. Of the owners one works in London and comes home at weekends and the other lived 30 mins away and runs her own business full time. Swinburne Mill was in a pretty awful condition but Peter turned an old house into a beautiful, modern yet traditional old house that we know will stand for at least another 400 years. His eye for detail, his sympathy for the style of house that was desired was absolutely spot on. His ideas and foresight were light years ahead of ours and we couldn’t have achieved what we wanted to achieve without Peter. His calmness, his determination in getting Swinburne Mill perfect never waivered over all the long months - most of it in the recent bitter and long winter. His sense of humour and wisdom were invaluable. He didn’t just listen to our ideas but he really HEARD us. When we thought we had had an idea he agreed and then developed on that making the idea even better. We listened to his preciousadvice and because of that Swinburne Mill is now a truly magical family home that will stand for generations to come.

We owe so much to Peter and there really aren’t enough words in order to say that. Peter, himself, is a wonderful person and we would highly recommendhis professionalism and services. If you do use Peter please listen to what this magician has to say and your home will become what you desire.

The story is now complete. We have one truly fantastic home that we could only have previously dreamt of."

D & H Hay.


Testimonial 23:

"When the Board of Trustees of the Northumberland Federation of WI's agreed to have some internal structural alterations to our Headquarters in Seaton Burn we were very worried by a) we were responsible for other people’s money and b) we had a rough idea of what we wanted but didn’t know how to go about achieving it.

We were recommended to get in touch with Peter Edwards of DARRAS HOMES and he duly arrived to meet with members of the Board. We were immediately put at ease with him and he spoke in “non-builder” type language. He understood what we wanted and engaged an Architect to draw up some plans.

Peter then went on to draw up a Schedule of Works and this went out to potential Builders for competitive Tender. Prices were sought and agreed and eventually work began.

We cannot say how much we appreciated all of Peter’s efforts. He took us through and looked after us every step of the works. We had very polite and conscientious workmen working in a “manned” office with as little disruption as possible.

Our final result is amazing and we are so grateful to DARRAS HOMES (Peter) first of all for sourcing the best possible prices for us and then ensuring the work was done with budget and to a very high standard."

Hilary M. Robson
Chairman – Northumberland Federation of WIs


Testimonial 22:

"When we decided to demolish and rebuild our house we were advised by our bankers to employ an independent Project Manager to oversee the work. Not only are we pleased that we did, we are absolutely delighted with the results. From the very first meeting with Peter Edwards of Darras Homes it was apparent that he was not only professional but also very knowledgeable and extremely thorough. He took control immediately; he helped us with ideas at the initial planning stage, then sourced by tender a number of independent builders who provided detailed quotations based on his accurate specifications for us to discuss and ultimately decide upon. When a Contractor was ultimately appointed, Peter Project Managed everything with them to ensure that they adhered to the Specification and that the Project cost was kept within the agreed budget and delivered on-time to our exacting requirements.

In addition to all of this, his fees were not only fair, but in our opinion very reasonable indeed , saving us pounds along the way and absolutely minimised the risk and in doing so created us a home beyond our expectations.

We would have no hesitation in employing Darras Homes again as the advice was simply invaluable and would therefore happily recommend them to anyone requiring a Project Managed from a complex new build to a simple refurbishment or extending your existing home."

Alex & Anne Holliday, Millbourne, Ponteland.


Testimonial 21:

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Peter Edwards of Darras Homes as a professional Project Manager for any construction or building work.

When we bought the shell of our house, we were facing the daunting task of building a house and knew nothing about how to do it. With no background in construction, we were approached by a number of Contractors with tempting offers and we heard horror stories of timelines and budgets being missed.

In that context Peter was recommended to and he offered us a professional, rigourous approach which instilled absolute confidence. He carefully listened to what the family wanted and helped us make up our minds and on "Step by step" basis Peter helped us build a house just as we wanted it!

Without Darras Homes we could not have build the house on time, on budget or with the quality that comes from Peter's attention to detail. He is indeed a rare combination of a Construction Expert, Structural Expert, diligent Project Manager and pragmatic straight talker who is proactive and tenacious about resolving problems. During the project, whenever we faced an unforeseen issue - Peter was on the ball and had thought through our options.

Commercially conscious of managing costs and budgets, he knows how to build relationships across the spectrum of family members to Construction workers and knows when to say "please" and when to get straight with someone.

Nothing overwhelms Peter - he has always been there when we had a problem and always knew exactly what to do.

If you are building a house, I would recommend that you engage Darras Homes (Peter) to Project Manage it for you. I certainly would do that again without any hesitation.

You need a professional like Peter on your side to resolve all the unforeseen issues that will arise, save you money and remove the hassle.

Peter is full of integrity, works hard and goes the extra mile for you without the need to ask.

Thank you Peter"

Suchita and Mayank Prakash


Testimonial 20:

"Darras Homes recently project managed the refurbishment of our Grade 2 listed home which is located in a Conservation Area in the centre of Durham City.

From the initial survey and drawings, through a lengthy (and what would otherwise have been stressful) process with the local planners to the award and supervision of the building contract, Peter Edwards and Darras Homes provided a first class service.

The works were extensive and we had to move out of our home for 3 months whilst the work was undertaken. Throughout this period we relied on Darras Homes to look after our interests - not only to supervise the contract but to keep us informed as work progressed and to mitigate any possible nuisance to our neighbours.

All this was achieved and we are now home benefiting from the works that were carried out. We wouldn't hesitate to use Darras Homes again or to recommend them to others."



Testimonial 19:

"We bought our home knowing that it would require extensive renovation and were aware that we would need to employ a project manager to oversee the process. Peter Edwards of "Darras Homes" was recommended by our architect and after meeting, we chose to employ him to manage the entire process from tender to completion.

It was by far the best decision we made!

From the outset, Peter´s extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment reassured us. He was only ever a call away and always replied promptly. His advice proved to be spot on time and again, but he always gave us space to reach our own decisions. When problems arose he dealt with them promptly and effectively and made sure that things were resolved to our satisfaction. Even though he had to commit to considerable more time than he, or we had expected, he never once grumbled and stuck to his original fixed fee without complaint.

In fact he saved us far more than he cost us!

His enthusiasm is infectious and over time you appreciate that he genuinely cares about his clients and delivering the best possible result for them.

We dread to think what would have happened without Peter’s help.

Sooner or later, when you renovate a house, you have to place your trust in someone. For us, Peter Edwards was that person and we would recommend him without hesitation."

Gavin, Paula, Erin & Connor, Darras Hall


Testimonial 18:

"Darras Homes Project Managed an extension to our home during 2006 and we cannot praise too highly the job they did on our behalf.

We had been thinking of extending our home for years, but had always been put off by horror stories about problem with builders! Eventually though, we took the plunge!

Getting plans drawn up and approved was easy enough, but we still had worries about being "ripped off" and messed about by Builders. We therefore decided to employ a Project Manager who could hopefully minimize problems like that.

Peter Edwards of Darras Homes was recommended to us for that role by a friend who had recently finished a substantial extension that Peter had Project Managed.

Getting him involved was the best decision we could have made!

He looked after the whole process from getting tenders to physical completion of the job, he knows the Building Industry inside out and it was a constant source of reassurance to us that he was on hand whenever any problems arose . He kept the builders focused throughout the job ensuring it was completed on time and within Budget. Our only regret was that we had not involved him earlier before the plans were finalized as he was a font of good ideas….looking back we shudder to think what the process would have been like without Peter´s involvement.

We would recommend him ( Darras Homes ) without reservation to anyone thinking of doing a similar job."

Mr & Mrs B. M. Welch, Fellside Park


Testimonial 17:

"We started our build works mid September with Darras Homes project managing the build. As extra reassurement Peter met with ourselves a day before the build and outlined what would be happening throughout the immediate start of the works schedule. Peter did this at every stage and what we realize now is that this is how Peter helped us stay in control of what was happening and afforded us the time to make informed decisions. In effect Peter kept us one step ahead at all times. This meant that the contractor was never waiting or pressurizing last minute decisions that may have proven knee jerk. For example choosing even minor details like switch, socket type or bigger items such as door/staircase design. With Peters foresight we were provided enough planning and decision time. Even if this meant giving up his own time to speak or meet at weekends and evenings. This was invaluable to us as it gave us peace of mind and looking around now everything has been specified correctly and is in the right place without having to change anything mid build or at a later date. Peters flexibility also meant that our daily life was not taken over by the build. Our build works were completed in a hectic twelve weeks. Peter demonstrated that he could work at an incredible pace leaving nothing to chance and ensured that he personally checked the quality standard at every stage. Peter had total respect from the contractor and I am certain that this provided a much higher standard of workmanship and most certainly controlled the dreaded costly "extras" items that may emerge. Peter is not "scared" to request an item be reworked if it does not meet his meticulous standards. Unless you have major experience in the building field it is an absolute must that you use the services of Darras Homes to project manage your build. As Peter puts it he uses the queensbury rules in that he was fair with the contractor but had our best interests at heart at all times. Peter is exceptional at his job. Key areas being planning, aiding decision making, quality control/standards, organization, communication, finance control, negotiation, dispute resolution, competency and understanding of every element of building from foundations and roofing through to complex electrical and plumbing installations."

Phil and Tracy C., Western Way, Darras Hall


Testimonial 16:

"We thought long and hard before embarking on extensive Building Works to our Home and having previously suffered a costly and unsavory experience with a Builder some years earlier we were determined not to fall into that "trap" again, hence our involvement with "Darras Homes Project Management" who completely exceeded our expectations!

The Technical capability and knowledge of the Project Manager saved us considerable anxiety ….We were thoroughly impressed by the high level of professionalism ,care and attention paid to our particular requirements.

The Building works were expedited …… on time, on budget and to our complete satisfaction thanks to his (Project Manager) involvement.

It became apparent very quickly that the attention to detail was positively conveyed to the building contractor throughout the works. His expertise and ability to secure us a competitive quotation was nothing short of formidable which was supported by accurate documentation and ultimately cost savings.

We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending "Darras Homes Project Management" to anyone considering Building Works to their home."

Dr. I . Cooke, Dinnington, Newcastle upon Tyne


Testimonial 15:

"Peter Edwards of Darras Homes acted as Project Manager in connection with an extension to our home, carried between August 2006 and January 2007.

Not only did he control the Budget and Timetable but carried out frequent unannounced site visits ensuring that the Construction Work was always completed to our satisfaction.

We certainly found that being able to rely on Peter’s expert Technical Knowledge and experience eased the pressure and aggravation that inevitably can occur from time to time when Building Works are carried out."

Mr G. Davidson, Darras Hall


Testimonial 14:

"When we decided to make a substantial extension to our home, I was unsure whether to simply give the job to a builder, or to employ a Project Manager. Now the extension has been completed, I am glad I had a Project Manager and that Peter Edwards was the Project Manager.

Peter took care of the timetable and made sure that the building work never slowed down. since we were living in the house while it was being renovated and extended, we suffered some disruption of our daily life. Fortunately Peter smoothed our interaction with the builders and minimized the disruptions. His good humour and manners were appreciated.

During the construction some unexpected difficulties arose , but Peter took the initiative and solved them on the spot. Clearly it helped that he was making frequent visits to the site. More importantly, he anticipated problems before it was too late, making suggestions for small but critical changes in the design. I often thought Peter had a better mental picture than we had of how we would use the space when the extension would be finished. He had a sharp eye for details as well as some bright ideas for doing things in a better way …for example, I was particularly impressed by how he managed to fit into a very small space everything we could ever want in our finished utility; washing machine, dryer, work surface, sink unit and hanging rail ….everything fitted together and there was even some space for storage!

In conclusion, I am happy to recommend the help of Peter Edwards of Darras Homes Project Management to anybody who is considering similar works to his or her home."

Professor C. F. Barenghi, Ponteland, Northumberland


Testimonial 13:

"When Peter became our Project Manger he had an immediate impact, providing advice and guidance throughout the tendering process. He took our design aspirations, and using his vast experience, greatly improved upon them. He maintained a tight control of the building process in terms of both quality and timescale, ensuring that our extension was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

We were delighted with Peter’s friendly and professional attitude and would recommend his services without hesitation."

Mike and Carolyn Robson


Testimonial 12:

"Darras Homes Project Managed an extension to our home which took little over 6 months to complete to our total satisfaction. The benefits were tremendous having Peter as our Project Manager who guided us thro every element of the works and recorded every detail which proved invaluable when it came to Quality of works and particularly the settlement of the contractors account. The Project Manager instructed the Contractor to correct several problems we were totally unaware off and protected our interests from beginning to end.

Having two young children and remaining at home throughout the entire works Peter ensured our extension was completed "on time and on budget" whilst we went about our business.

Basically, Darras Homes made the whole project easy for us, as he did all the work to ensure the build met his very high standards, he brought issues to suit our time and maintained an amicable relationship with the contractor.

We would be more than happy to talk through any aspect of our expoeriences as having Peter on the Project made all the difference to us as a family and took all the stress and costly worry out of the building work."

Karen and Paul Fieldhouse, Darras Hall


Testimonial 11:

"It gives me great pleasure to be able to quite categorically recommend the services of Peter Edwards as a Project Manager for any form of development that may be under consideration. He provides a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach that is rather refreshing in these days of spin and deceit.

My wife and I recently undertook an extension of our family home and from our first meeting with Peter we were instilled with confidence that our interests would be at the forefront of any discussions or negotiations with our chosen contractor. Throughout the process we were impressed by the very apparent high level of technical knowledge that Peter was able to bring to the proceedings and it is very obvious that he cares passionately about his job. We were very much of the opinion that although this was our home that we were improving, Peter´s approach was so amenable that he became very much a part of our family. It was almost as though it was his own home and we were made to feel as though we were actually members of his family. We would have undoubtedly struggled greatly if we had not been able to rely upon his attention to detail, his general input and advice, his energy and enthusiasm for the matter in hand and overall his watchful eye.

If the reader of this testimonial is seeking a Project Manager of the highest calibre then, in my opinion, they need look no further but should there be any remaining questions then I would be more than happy to provide the answers."

Mike Storer, 35 Hadrian Court, Darras Hall.


Testimonial 10:

"I wanted to write to express my sincere thanks for the outstanding, very professional and friendly service which Peter Edwards, Darras Homes gave to us in connection with our proposed house extension. Peter could not do enough for us, he was always available to talk to and to re-assure us when we had any doubts about the whole project. Peter is a very likeable man which is very important when dealing with a major project. I could not recommend Darras Homes enough when it comes to a whole package. They certainly know their job and you know you will only get the best possible outcome. I feel very lucky to have had their expertise on our project and I feel very excited about the final result. Thanks again Darras Homes for all your help."

D. Mount, Darras Hall


Testimonial 9:

"My wife and I asked Peter Edwards of Darras Homes to run over our Building Project before we appoint a Building Contractor and so pleased we did!

To say that he is thorough and comprehensive in his approach to Project Manage is an understatement as his attention to detail is simply second to none.

We have no hesitation in recommending Darras Homes to anyone considering a Building Works to their home."

Alan Reed, Ponteland


Testimonial 8:

"Thank you for your guidance, patience and words of wisdom during our Darras Homes Building Project! We have both said, more times than we can remember, "What we would have done without Peter?"

Your positive "can do attitude" has been very reassuring, helped keep the inevitable stress to an absolute minimum and has meant that our new "Home" is everything that we had hoped it to be!

Thank you ..... Darras Homes!"

Mr & Mrs C. Samples


Testimonial 7:

"After having drawings compiled for a near rebuild of our house we faced the black hole of what to do next. We were unsure of how to tackle the minefield of builder selection, tender and budget control, time schedule management and how to oversee a quality build. Without industry experience how could we ensure that the correct working practices and materials specified were adopted and "extras" controlled. Peter Edwards from Darras Homes was recommended.

From an initial meeting clarity and order descended. With Peter, we effectively reviewed the plans and listed our aspirations and suggested items that we would like to have incorporated into the build. From there Peter made things water tight, adding further requirements and stipulations to our plans and tender schedule that we would never have thought of. A list of our chosen builders was drawn up and Peter dispatched the tenders.

On receipt of the tenders further meetings with Peter were convened resulting in an agreement with a builder that realised significant savings. Peter negotiated with the builder using a one hundred point check list that removed any grey areas and established a level playing field that all categorically understood. This has given us peace of mind and confidence that our building works will be expedited on time, within budget and with no extras. With Peter as an interface between ourselves and the builder the potential for time consuming, costly and stressful situations will be averted. When dealing with Darras Homes, there is no pressure or hard sell. Indeed Peter is a highly respected, efficient and approachable professional, able to offer clear guidance on all aspects of the building process."

Phil Calvert


Testimonial 6:

"Thank Goodness I met Peter Edwards of Darras Homes before I had exchanged on a property in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. I would have paid a hundred thousand pounds over the Surveyors price and bought a house with serious Structural Defects which would have cost in excess of £120k to remedy!

When taking out the biggest investment of your life, it seems crazy we rely on Estate Agents and Mortgage lenders valuations, however, now having the benefit of utilising the services of Darras Homes has quite literally saved us a fortune.

Peter Edwards of Darras Homes is an expert in his field and someone to be truly trusted. He reviews all my prospective purchases now without hesitation"."

Nathalie Lucherini, London


Testimonial 5:

"We engaged Peter to manage both the Planning Control and Construction processes to our proposed extension.

We were highly impressed with Peter’s professionalism and expertise. Particularly impressive was Peter´s eye to detail and his ability to negotiate and deal successfully with contractors. Peter has a great experience of working in our local area, even to the extent of having worked before on the house we had just bought. His knowledge assisted us greatly to develop our own plans for our home.

We would certainly recommend Darras Homes to manage any build project and we would happily re-engage them on a future project we might have."

Mr and Mrs R Lucherini


Testimonial 3:

"We involved "Darras Homes" at an early stage in our considerations for some major extension work to our property.

Owing to changing personal circumstances we have twice had to hold off going to the next stage whilst other unrelated matters were resolved. It was therefore greatly appreciated that we could "park" everything that had been done up to a point, and pick it up again at a later stage and Peter´'s patience and understanding of our situations was very much appreciated indeed.

During our deliberations, we found that Peter brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to help formulate our ideas, and was able to constructively challenge some of the things we were hoping to do to maximise what could be gained from the work we intended, whilst staying grounded in what was realistic and feasible.

We are hoping to move ahead to the next stage at the soonest possible opportunity, and have no qualms in continuing to involve "Darras Homes" as the Project unfolds and conclude by stating that I have no doubt that Peter adds significant value to what can be achieved, whilst ultimately saving on the overall costs."

Chris and Linda H, Darras Hall, Ponteland.


Testimonial 2:

"Darras Homes recently Project Managed the Complete Extension, Remodelling and Refurbishment of our family home.

Throughout the process he (Peter Edwards of Darras Homes ) was conscientious, trustworthy and hardworking. His input saved us at "least" the cost of his fees and now our home is like new, to a high quality finish without any harassment or time consuming intervention on our part.

If we ever rebuild or further extend in the future we would only do so with Peter´s support and input.

We would highly recommend Peter and his Company Darras Homes!"

Chris and Cheryl Cowell, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Testimonial 1:

"When we purchased and set about planning the renovation of what was to become our Retirement Home, Peter Edwards of “Darras Homes” was recommended to us as an experienced Project Manager.

That recommendation proved to be one of the best pieces of advice we have acted upon !

From our initial meeting with him, we immediately felt at ease and comfortable with someone with a vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of Building work, through to completion of the Contract and demonstrated a high standard of integrity and professionalism.

Throughout the project, Peter always acted in our best interests, effectively managing the various Contractors and dealing calmly with the issues and problems which inevitably arise in connection with such a major Development.

He carefully and sensitively guided us through the many pitfalls.

He converted our "Dream into reality" within a strict budget and time frame and to that extent he earned his fee and more !"

Eileen and Dave, Darras Hall


Project Management

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Project Management is the planning, organisation and direction of resources, in order to deliver and achieve specific objectives within a unique environment - Your Home !

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Our extensive experience of operating at the 'front line', allows us to provide a single point of contact to the client and the contractor, thus providing a single interface to resolve any of the complex aspects of the project and minimise potential time delay and costly dispute.

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Our Philosophy is a focused determination to achieve excellence! The greatest satisfaction within the practice is working with the client and repeatedly achieving their aspirations.The clients requirements are of paramount importance, irrespective of exacting detail, as we continually strive to provide an unrivalled level of care to every detail and every client.

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